Fundamental of Core JAVA

Introduction to Android and Java

  • (a) Introduction to android
  • (b) Comparison Android,  iOS, Blackberry
  • (c) Why android?
  • (d) Pros and cons of android


  • (a) Understanding Installation process
  • (b) Installing Android
  • (c) Creating Hello World
  • (d) Android project architecture
  • (d) Running on Emulator
  • (e) Installing android application on mobile

Introduction to Eclipse

  • (a) Creating project in eclipse
  • (b) Importing existing project
  • (c) Exporting project
  • (d) Build and clean project
  • (e) Android project architecture
  • (f) Understanding DDMS, LogCat, File Browser
  • (g) Pull and Push files in android emulator

Error handling and debugging

  • (a) Clean Project
  • (b) Problems with Android Debug Bridge (adb)
  • (c) LogCat
  • (d) Emulator does not start
  • (e) Android debugger
  • (f) Install failed due to insufficient storage
  • (g) Error message for @override
  • (h) Missing Imports

Android Architecture and OOPS

  • (a) Building Blocks of Android
  • (b) Java Classes and Objects
  • (c) Class Methods and Instances
  • (d) Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java
  • (e) Interface and Abstract class
  • (f) Threading in android
  • (g) Collection in android


  • (a) Android Debugging Bridge – Shell
  • (b) Install and Uninstall an application via adb

Android Layouts and controls

  • (a)=Intent and Activity
  • (b)Layouts In Android
  • (c)Android Form Widgets
  • (d)Image  and media

Android UI

  • (a) Using resources
  • (b) Designing UI using eclipse graphical view
  • (c) Android style and theme
  • (d) Changing layout property dynamically
  • (e) Comparisons of layouts in terms of performance
  • (f) Image resolutions in android
  • (g) Android activity configurations
  • (h) Understanding dip and px

Android Graphics and Multimedia

  • (a) Basic Graphics
  • (b) Input Handling
  • (c) Playing Audio
  • (d) Playing Video
  • (e) Audio recording

Persistence in Android

  • (a) Accessing Internal Files system
  • (b) Accessing SD cards
  • (c) Introduction to SQLite
  • (d) Data Binding
  • (e) Content Provider

Android Web services

  • (a) Client Server architecture
  • (b) Understanding REST calls
  • (c) Understanding GET, POST and Server Status, Status Code
  • (d) Understanding JSON
  • (e) Consuming JSON in android
  • (a) Introduction
  • (b) Creating broadcastReceiver
  • (c) Using android services in broadcastReceiver
  • (d) Purpose of different broadcastReceiver
  • (e) Spy programs using broadcastReceiver


  • (a) Introduction
  • (b) Creating android services
  • (c) Using android services in broadcastReceiver
  • (d) Using timer in services

Google map

  • (a) Google Map Integration
  • (b) Markers and polylines
  • Advance Android Topics

Animation (Basics)

  • (a) Frame based animation
  • (b) Rotation
  • (c) Using images and audio  in animation

Using Google API in android

  • (a) Google Map integration
  • (b) Placing marker on map
  • (c) Zoom controls, Views
  • (d) Polylines and routes
  • (e) Using Google Place API
  • (f) Using Google weather API
  • (g) Using Google fusion tables API


  • (a) Introduction
  • (b) Location sensing
  • (c) Using GPS location in Google map

Advance Android Web services

  • (a) Client Server architecture
  • (b) Understanding REST calls
  • (c) Understanding GET, POST and Server Status, Status Code
  • (d) Creating server side code using (php/jsp/asp)
  • (e) Rendering server side data in JSON
  • (f) Generating JSON at client side
  • (g) Understanding JSON format
  • (h) Parsing JSON data for android consumption
  • (i) Deploying web services on liver server
  • (j) Understanding FTP client, control panel
  • (k) Demo live application using web service

Android Fragments

  • (a) Introduction
  • (b) When to use fragments
  • (c) Implementing fragments

Android apk

  • (a) Understanding apk file
  • (b) Unzip apk
  • (c) Application Signing
  • (d) Zip-align

Widgets and the way ahead

  • (a) Android Widget Development
  • (b) The Path Ahead for Android
  • (c) Android market

Live Project

  • (a) Design and Requirement analysis support
  • (b) Implementation and QA support