Industrial Automation and PLC

“PLC, SCADA & Industrial Automation”

(Industrial Processing, Ladder Programming, PLC, SCADA Concept)

90 Hours Training & Learning on “PLC Automation Designing & Development”

For: -1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year B. E. / B. Tech. (ECE, EE, EEE, EIC, CS, IT, ME, Automobile), M. E./ M. Tech., MCA, BCA, B. Sc. – I. T., M. Sc.,B. Arch., M. Tech. & Professionals.

Topic Cover: -
During this training we cover following topics with practical hands-on:


  • Introduction Of Automation
  • Block Diagram Of Automation
  • Companies Of Automation
  • Automation Level
  • Scope Of Automation
  • Real And Non-Real Time Systems
  • Role Of Automation In Industries
  • Advantages And Applications Of Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Introduction To PLC
  • History Of PLC
  • Requirement Of PLC
  • Difference Between Relay, Contactor & PLC Logic
  • PLC Architecture
  • Types Of PLC Controller
  • Programming Software
  • Solving Logics Of Automation Using PLC (AB And SIEMENS )
  • Addressing Concept Of PLC
  • Connection Of PLC With Real World
  • PLC Interfacing And Working Concept
  • PLC Panel Designing
  • Requirement Of PLC Installation
  • First Steps With The Programming Device
  • Software Of AB And SIEMENS Introducing The Basic Ladder Logic, Relay Logic Conversion In PLC Program
  • Logic Instructions
  • Contacts, Coils, And PLC Scan
  • Basic GATE’s Using Relay Logic
  • Use Of Digital Electronics Concept In Resolving Logics
  • Simulation
  • Downloading And Uploading A Program

Instruction Set

  • Introducing The Basic Ladder Logic Instructions
  • Addressing Concept
  • Push Buttons Concept
  • Input-Output
  • Gate Logic
  • NO/NC
  • Set
  • Reset
  • Latch & Unlatch
  • Logical & Combinational
  • Timers
  • Compare instruction
  • Counters
  • Move
  • Advanced instruction
  • LCD
  • Subroutine
  • Program Control Functions
  • And Many More Other Instructions


  • Introduction To SCADA
  • Different Animations used in SCADA
  • ateway
  • atabase Of Tags And Its Use
  • Configuration Of Different Drivers
  • Direct Driver, DDE and OPC
  • Interfacing With PLC And Simulation Of PLC Application In SCADA (AB Rsview32)
  • Communication Between Rsview32 and Excel
  • Animation With Digital And Analog Tag
  • Introduction To HMI And MMI


‘Kaizen Tech’ Test & Competition among participants.

Result & Revision.

Conclusion & Videos.

Writing research paper.


Projects Cover: -
During this training each and every student is going to design own following projects with their own hands in “PLC & Automation Learning Lab”:
1. Switching Of Lights
2. Simple Timers Control Function
3. One Input-Several Outputs
4. Several Inputs-One Output
5. Party Lightning System
6. Motor Controlling With Same Input
7. Controlling Two Devices With Same Push Buttons (Input)
8. Automatic Water Tank Filling
9. Seven Segment Display
10. Panel Designing
11. Display Characters on LCD
12. Output Controlling Using LCD
13. Real Time Clock using PLC
14. Calculator using PLC
15. And Many More.

For Students: -

PLC Panel is available for Project Demonstration in College, on extra charges.

Full Study Material containing:

  • Software
  • Data Sheet
  • Report Matter
  • Course Layout
  • Project Coverage
  • PLC available on Extra charges