MATLAB & Image Processing

MATLAB Training

60 Hours Training & Learning on “MATLAB & Image Processing”

For: – B. E. / B. Tech. 3rd & 4th year students and M.E. / M.Tech., PHD Candidates

Topics Cover:-

The training is going to cover & give practical hands on following topics:

Matrices and Matrix Operations

    • Referencing individual entries
    • Matrix division (slash and backslash)
    • Matrix, entry-wise and relational operators
    • Complex numbers and Strings

Sub-matrices and Colon Notation

    • Generating vectors
    • Accessing sub-matrices

MATLAB Functions

    • Constructing matrices
    • Scalar functions
    • Vector functions and data analysis
    • The linsolve and Find function

Control Flow Statements

    • For, While and Infinite loop
    • If and Switch statement
    • The try/catch statement
    • Matrix expressions (if and while)


    • M-file Editor/Debugger window
    • Script and Function files
    • Multiple inputs and outputs
    • Variable arguments
    • Comments and documentation
    • MATLAB’s path

Digital Image Processing

    • Digital Image Representation
    • Co-ordinate Conventions
    • Images as Matrices
    • Reading, Writing and displaying Images

Conversion between Data Classes and Image Types

    • Converting between Data Classes
    • Converting between Image Classes and Types

Intensity Transformations and Spatial Filtering

    • Intensity Transformation Functions
    • Function imadjust
    • Logarithmic and Contrast-Stretching Transformations
    • M-Functions for Intensity Transformations
    • Histogram Processing and Function Plotting
    • Generating and Plotting Image Histograms
    • Histogram Equalization
    • Histogram Matching (Specification)
    • Linear and Nonlinear Spatial Filtering
    • Image Processing Toolbox

Frequency Domain Processing

    • The 2-D Discrete Fourier Transform
    • Computing and Visualizing the 2-D DFT in MATLAB
    • Filtering in the Frequency Domain
    • Fundamental Concepts
    • Basic Steps in DFT Filtering
    • An M-function for Filtering in the Frequency
    • Obtaining Frequency Domain Filters from Spatial

Color Image Processing 194

    • RGB and Indexed Images
    • IPT Functions for Manipulating RGB
    • NTSC, YCbCr, HSV, CMY, CMYK and HSI Color Spaces

‘Kaizen Tech’ Competition among participants.

    • Result & Revision.
    • Conclusion & Videos.
    • Writing research paper.
    • IPR.

Projects Cover:

During this training each and every student is going to design own projects with their own hands.
For Students: -
Full Study Material containing:

  • Data Sheets
  • Report Matter
  • Course Layout
  • Project Coverage