Kaizen is a Japanese term for improvement. More than a word it is the philosophy that focuses upon the continuous improvement in any process. It can be applied to any field in the world – from self improvement to business processes and from scientific research to education. Kaizen aims at improving the activities and process thus eliminating waste.


Robeonics –We believe that Robeonics is not a subject or a hobby or a cliché science. Robeonics is in itself a complete science. Robeonics has many dimensions which deal with the theoretical, practical, educational, technological and scientific aspects. Robotics combined with different branches of science and engineering like electronics, electrical, mechanical and computer programming. Their overall combination with robotics is called as Robeonics, which is a complete science in itself.


Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. is an original manifestation of Kaizen and Robeonics which combines and fulfill the meaning of both together. Continuous development and innovation in the field of science and technology and in all the aspects of engineering is the goal of Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd.. Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. accomplish this task by providing education in Robeonics and carrying out research and development activities in the field for the overall development of science and technology. Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. is also aimed to continuously improve its processes in education and research.


Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. strives for achieving perfection and aligning us to the changing world and minds. For our success we believe upon our ability to creatively and effectively serve our clients, students and stakeholder’s and we continue to improve ourselves through our capabilities and resources, making Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. a rewarding place to work and innovate.


Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. is more than an organization it is a dream of passionate and ambitious technocrats. It was started with the name Kaizen Robeonics in 2008, with the dream of an entrepreneurial engineering graduate and electronics genius – Manoj Sharma. With a deep desire to spread practical technological education and the lack of resources and support to robotics enthusiast in India, Manoj took the initiative to do it himself. Today, Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. is a heaven for many robeonics enthusiasts. A place where you can have fun while playing with concepts, ideas and electronics and learn the basic concepts of Robeonics.


With a vision, to spread the light of science and technology amongst young people to convert fiction into facts, Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. was started with a pure love for science and devotion to technology. Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. with its mission to become one of the world’s best organization in research and education in Science & Technology, Kaizen Robeonics Research Pvt. Ltd. has had a golden past of conduction workshops, seminars, classroom education and research projects with young people.